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Higher Ground Ministries located in Warren, OH

The church is a mystical union of all believers with Christ as its head through which He opens operates, saves souls, reveals God’s nature and will to men, and does mighty works, thus glorifing the Father who is in Heaven. (Eph 1:22, 23; 5:32: Gal 1:25; Rom 12:14-21; 1 Cor 12:12-14).

The Christian Church, according to the New Testament, is an inclusive company of baptized believers, called out from the world and organized on a definite plan in order to accomplish God’s divine purposes, and through which the ordinances and sacraments are administered.

Therefore, the mission of The United Holy Church of America, Inc. is to promote Christian doctrine, values, and fellowship for the purpose of extending holiness throughout the world through the teaching and preaching of the Word of God, and the establishing of programs and activities which minister to the temporal as well as the spiritual needs of humankind.

To implement this mission, we believe that it is necessary to set forth appropriate organizational structures, to exercise discipline, to elect and sustain officers, to acquire, hold, and bequeath property, and to superintend the distribution of financial resources as we bear witness to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in obedience to His Great Commission.

Higher Ground Ministries is a church organization that provides faith and religious services to the people of Warren, Ohio. We operate as a mission-based community outreach ministry, providing both traditional church services and projects aimed at helping the community at large. Our community-focused services include food pantries, clothing giveaways, and marriage, family, and spiritual counseling.

As an affiliate of the broader United Holy Church of America, we've made it our mission to reconnect our community with traditional values. We truly believe that Christ is the center of all things. We strive to live in God's light and help local families do so as well. 

At Higher Ground Ministries, we believe that Christ should be the center of both our worship and our lives. Our goal is to work toward salvation and live in God's love. But without the proper support, living a godly life can be challenging. The world is full of temptation and it's easy to lose focus. That's why we maintain a strong, community-focused outreach program. From regular volunteer opportunities to wholesome youth classes, we have everything your family needs to walk in His grace.

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